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The New York Times

Each stroke from each different rhythm, from each different limb, feels exact, efficient, full of intent.

The New York Times The New York Times

Modern Drummer Magazine

Dafnis is a thinker, a drummer/philosopher…

Modern Drummer Magazine Modern Drummer Magazine

The Irish Times

Dafnis Prieto is a technical virtuoso who can send jaws tumbling to the floor with his own very original fusion of Afro-Cuban grooves and gnarly post-bop rhythms, flawlessly executed...

The Irish Times The Irish Times

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Why do you enjoy teaching?

I enjoy teaching because it is a direct way to interact and communicate experiences to new generations of artists/musicians that are eager to learn. The process of teaching brings a sense of spirituality that is experienced through a reciprocal appreciation. It also brings a great deal of self-discipline because it involves dedication, and the commitment between the teacher and the student.

What do you hope to pass onto your students?

First of all, the joy behind what we do and how to keep that joy through a creative attitude, either while practicing or playing. I like to bring consciousness of ideas and work on the different techniques to make those ideas possible. I like to bring awareness of musical traditions as well as the creative approach to making music. There are a vast number of possibilities when we approach music, therefore, I always give the students the freedom to choose, but with a personalized guidance and a body of knowledge that will support each particular intention.

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