Dafnis Prieto Sextet / Triangles and Circles

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Released by Dafnison Music, 2015
All compositons by Dafnis Prieto
Published Dafnison Music (BMI)

“Dafnis Prieto has been one of the most impressive musicians in New York jazz over the past 15 years. Whatever band he’s playing in, at some point the rigor of his playing commands you to focus directly on him. His style of composition explicitly puts the ensemble first. He writes pieces of music with great balance, in which one whirling ensemble section flows into the next, each containing a new melodic strain and just enough space for a soloist to make a mark over a vamp, then stop before indirection sets in. His sextet is full of fluid improvisers, but they’re tightly managed.” —Ben Ratliff, The New York Times

“Dafnis Prieto has an infectious dedication to the Afro-Cuban groove, and it’s on full display with his latest recording, Triangles And Circles. The album shimmers and swells with his heart-pounding drum work, but it’s wrapped by beautiful melodic structure and thoughtful compositions that draw from a broad musical ocean.  …all deliver killer solos, but not at the expense of the grand vision of the song. That’s the magic of Prieto: He has the ability to offer compositions and arrangements that are distinctly him, but he craftily leaves room for pedal-to-the-metal improvisation from a truly great band.” Down Beat Editors’ Pick

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Mike Rodriguez – Trumpet

Peter Apfelbaum – Sop & Tenor Sax, Melodica

Felipe Lamoglia – Alto Sax

Manuel Valera – Piano

Johannes Weidenmueller – Acoustic and Electric Bass

Dafnis Prieto – Drums

Produced by Roberto Occhipinti

Executive Producer: Dafnis Prieto

Recorded by Joe Marciano at Systems Two, Brooklyn, NY

Mixed and Mastered by Jeff Wolpert at Desert Fish Studios, Toronto, Canada

Julio Soto

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